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"Install an automatic fan switch to prevent dampness and mold - If you just turn your bath fan on when you start a shower and off when you leave the room, it doesn't run long enough to remove excess humidity. If you leave the fan running too long, you'll waste energy. A new fan control switch called DewStop solves both problems. It calculates when condensation will occur and turns the fan on and off automatically to keep the humidity at an acceptable level. This computerized switch is a vast improvement over the humidistats that have been around for years. You simply replace the switch or timer that controls the fan with the DewStop switch. [...] If you're replacing a double switch that controls the fan and the light, order the version that includes a light switch.
1.) REPLACE YOUR FAN SWITCH WITH A "DEWSTOP" SWITCH - Follow the instructions included with the DewStop switch. Make sure the power is off before you touch any wires in the box.
2.) INSTALLED SWITCH - The new switch fits in the same spot as the old switch. You may have to buy a new cover plate, though." ~Jeff Gorton, The Family Handyman Magazine


Reviewer - This Old House

"Hot showers are great, but bathroom mold loves steam just as much as you do. Maybe even more. Truth is, without proper ventilation, the condensation from your long, relaxing showers can ultimately lead to mold growth. According to the New York State Department of Health, the presence of mold can explain respiratory problems and severe allergies. Mold can also cause costly damage to your home. Fight the no-fun fungus with the DewStop Fan Switch by GTR Technologies. Here's how it works: When the humidity and dew point hit a certain level, the DewStop turns your fan on to wick away wetness. The switch's steam-fighting software can easily be installed to most existing bath vent fans. And, since the switch automatically turns your fan on when it's needed, it'll take the guesswork out of things for you, while possibly saving you some energy." ~Annie Hauser, This Old House


Reviewer - LA's The Place

"Making sure the outside of your house is maintained to protect it from severe weather damage is common practice. But what about checking on weather damage on the inside of your house too? As the most frequented room in the house, it is important to be aware that your bathrooms could be experiencing severe weather damage as well. Severe moisture from condensation creates an unhealthy environment that mold and bacteria thrive in.
Keeping Your Bathroom Mold-free: With the DewStop fan switch, you can keep your bathroom's condensation level under constant surveillance. DewStop uses similar technology to monitor temperature, humidity and dew point that meteorologists use for weather prediction. This sensory software helps stop unhealthy mold and bacteria from growing on your bathroom walls and ceilings.
Smart & Green Fan Switch: DewStop finds the room's condensation level and prompts your fan to turn on or off making it energy efficient. There will be no more family quarrels over who left the bathroom fan running, as DewStop turns your fan into a smart fan with an affordable and easy to install single switch." ~Lanee Neil, LA's The Place (Los Angeles Magazine)


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"I'm the type that likes my house to look super-clean all the time. I also love light colors, and have a bathroom that is shades of light gray and white, so if it's less than perfectly clean, you will know it. I have a fan installed to make sure that, after the famously hot showers we like to take around here, the moisture is removed from the air. Sometimes, however, we forget to turn on the fan, and an hour later our bathroom is still humid. Over time we found we had to spend money repairing our tiles and grout (or else have a kind of yucky looking bathroom). DewStop is a great gadget for pretty much anyone with a bathroom. It's a fan and light switch that senses the amount of condensation in a room, and turns your fan on automatically if it reaches a certain level, thereby helping to prevent mold and mildew (and the renovations required as a result of damaging mold). It replaces your current fan and light switch and looks like any regular light switch and switch plate(as you can see in the photo [to the right]). It can be used in bathrooms (that is where we set ours up), laundry rooms, any room that tends to get a little humid. There are manual switches for your light and fan, and a sensor that turns the fan on automatically when condensation is present on surfaces (this is known as the dew point, when mold and bacteria can start to grow on these surfaces.) Steam in the air is not a problem until it settles on surfaces and moisture is visible, and this is when DewStop kicks in, saving electricity as well since it only turns on when needed. We take lots of showers around here, and with our little bathroom window we needed a fan. If we remembered to actually turn it on when needed, we wouldn't need a product like DewStop. Like anyone, however, we can sometimes forget, so we pretty much love it." ~Penelope, Penelope's Oasis


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"The folks at DewStop sent us their FS-100 Fan Switch to review. In today's tighter more energy efficient homes there's a huge need for better ventilation and moisture control. We've written several articles on the causes of window condensation and the leading culprit is too much moisture in the house due to poor ventilation. There are lots of great bathroom fan timers on the market but none of them take it a step further like the DewStop Fan Switch. the DewStop Fan Switch uses technology to monitor temperature, humidity and dew point, similar to what meteorologists use for weather prediction. This sensory software finds the room's condensation level and prompts the fan to turn on or off. [...]
DewStop Performance: [...] We tested the DewStop switch to see if it would automatically turn on as advertised. Well we're happy to report that the switch turned on just as it's supposed to when the bathroom filled up with moisture [...]. Once the fan turned on it stayed on until the room was completely cleared out. In addition to the automatic feature the DewStop can be turned on manually until you either manually turn it off or the 30 minute timer shuts it off. These features make the DewStop extremely versatile and much more advanced than simple timers.
Overall Impression: The DewStop Fan Switch works great. Having an automatic fan switch that senses humidity and dew levels is a huge advantage when trying to prevent mold and mildew in damp bathrooms. The fan switch is very easy to install and and control. [...] We think the DewStop is a great value and a product that home owners should consider for bathrooms, laundry rooms and even spa rooms." ~Todd Fratzel, HCI (Home Construction and Improvement)